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woo woo - pic goes here that might be colored already =x

stolen mercilessly from

1.- If I were a fruit I'd be...a blueberry
2.- If I were a colour I'd
3.- If I were an animal I'd be...a cat
4.- If I were a dometic appliance I'd be...oven
5.- If I were a book I'd be...Persuasion or The Little Princess
6.- If I were a clothing item I'd be...a really cool Jacket
7.- If I were a jewel I'd Saphire!
8.- If I were an object I'd be...a body pillow (if i could be a memory foam body pillow i'd be way coller)
9.- If I were a car I'd be...a Smart (my dream car if you don't know what i'm talking about get Smart at
11.- If I were a tree I'd be...neem (they produce natural mosquito repelant stuff)
12.- If I were a drink I'd be...lebanese tea
13.- If I were an ice cream flavor I'd be...karamel sutra ( gotta love ben and jerry's)
14.- If I were a person I'd
15.- If I were a planet I'd be...Corellia
16.- If I were an insect I'd be...firefly ( I shine)
17.- If I were public transport I'd be...a boat
18.- If I were a song I'd be...Rubber Ducky
19.- If I were a movie I'd be...AUnte Mame
20.- If I were a season I'd be...Winter
21.- If I were a flower I'd be...Jasmine
22.- If I were a job I'd be... photojournalism
23.- If I were a cartoon I'd be...Looney Toons
24.- If I were a place I'd be...the ocean...all of it
25.- If I were a gift I'd be...hope (heheh, >< I couldn't help that..)
26.- If I were a memory I'd be...bittersweet
27.- If I were a city I'd be...London you can't ever forget London.
28.- If I were a sense I'd be...touch
29.- If I were a game I'd be...KOTOR ... I love playing that game.
30.- If I were a candy I'd be...hard jolly ranchers!! the blue ones!
31.- If I were a time of the day I'd be...mid morning.
32.- If I were an invention I'd be...a dvd
33.- If I were a bodypart I'd be...eyes
34.- If I were a country I'd be...India
35.- If I were a flavor I'd be...curry
36.- If I were a sport I'd be...surfing
37.- If I were a smell I'd be...Dream....
38.- If I were a subject I'd be...History.
39.- If I were a flag I'd be...flat..(haha, get it)
40.- If I were a building I'd be... a dome
41.- If I were a month I'd be...April
42.- If I were a perfume I'd be...go back to 37 to check that
43.- If I were a gummy candy I'd be...bears!!!
45.- If I were a toy I'd logs
46.- If I were a textile I'd be...cotton
47.- If I were a shape I'd be...square (hehehe, >_>)
48.- If I were an answer I'd be...right
49.- If I were a common liquorice I'd be...left on the shelf, eck, i don't like the stuff.
50.- If I were a word I'd be...Serenity

I think i finished it...maybe i think i skiped one oh well.. I stole this from mc.

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nicolas-gouny-art Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist


Thank you for friendship :hug:


let's go !! :boogie: :strip: :strip: :dance: :dance: :dance: :boogie: :strip: :boogie: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :boogie: :strip: :boogie: :dance: :excited: :dance: :dance: :boogie: :boogie: :dance: :confused: ( <--- what am I doing here ? ) :boogie: :dance: :dance: :strip: :dance: :boogie: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :boogie: :chew: :dance: :boogie: :boogie: :dance: :dance: :boogie: :boogie: :dance:

Itako-Gaelic Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya Seren! (it's Aura)

Didn't know you had a DA :D
Lohey Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007
:wave: :hug:
ratscape Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for addin' Timebender Hiro to your flava-favs! :teleport: Much appreciated.

rats :cheese:
Lohey Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006
:bow: :heart:
mary-catherine84 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
I know you too! :D
nillia Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2006  Professional General Artist
A lucky star dropped on earth 1 night, and it asked me "what do u want? a million dollars, or a true friend?". I chose a million dollars of curse... because I already got you as my friend.*Send this to any of your truest friends of DA so they may know what you really feel, if you get the star back.. then you really are a best friend

000000000000000 00000000000000
000_______*TRUE FRIEND*___ _00
000000 __________________ 00000
Gvaz Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2006  Student Digital Artist

*rawrs back*
hisso Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006
Sister!! *hugs*

ramblebramble Featured By Owner May 22, 2006
thank you for the fav, it was very kind of you :hug: :)
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